Zero-Trust Model as Effective Security Measure

Internet security specialists are worried about the increased rate of breaches at the moment and they are used to define two types of companies. There are companies the security of which has been compromised and those that do not know about it as well.

According to the latest security report, every third company has suffered from a cyber attack and this information confirms that security based on perimeter-centric strategies does not work any more and there should be presented a new approach to protection of sensitive information.

Zero trust for network security

At this time, a lot of security experts consider that the main principle should be presented in the form of a zero-trust model.

This approach is considered to be rather aggressive and due to it every file represents a threat to the functioning of a company and which should be checked for its security level.

The main attention is paid to access of information and every access should be checked and controlled. The security system based on this model should not trust and verification is an integral part of this process. This approach was developed as a result of the former concept of the security measures taken. The old model was designated to trust and to verify which lets a lot of breaches happen. Companies that are already working according to the new principle pay a lot of attention onto the access of each employee as well as internal internet traffic.

Each employee is granted with minimal access privileges. Here, the new approach tends to check all the possible logs and to analyze them. A lot of companies start supporting this approach and it is rather encouraging as the number of breaches will be decreasing with time. Generation of real time information is also a part of this security approach and it will help IT managers get the proper information and operate it successively for the protection of corporate security.

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