Several Origin Users Report Security Breach

There are some messages of Several Origin users on suspicious activities within their accounts. Some of them report fraudulent game purchases but the management of Origin owner Electronic Arts (EA) state that there are no security breaches and customers have no need to take certain measures. The information of a possible security breach started to appear with the help of Reddit when several customers complained of purchases made without their knowledge.

At the same time, the representatives of the company asked the users to check their accounts and not to use the same passwords on more than one web site. They also asked to use two factor authentication when creating passwords for their accounts. There are also forums that are visited by Several Origin users and they are also full of threads created by users that are concerned about suspicious purchases they did not make. Most of these suspicious purchases are associated with the game FIFA and the number of users that do not trust the taken security measures is growing. They do not keep the sensitive information there to make purchases.

One of the most effective measures to take is to change the passwords and not to use the same passwords for different services as if it is stolen, a hacker will be able to use other related services with the same passwords. Though Several Origin has not recognized the security breach, official Origin representatives ask to provide them with the details on the suspicious purchases and active investigation will be provided.

The company also informs on taking a look on the suspicious activity but it has not revealed any security breaches within the accounts of users. Users state that not a single company may be safe and it is better to double check the security measures to be taken.

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