Secure Your Apple’s iOS Mobile Operating System from Hackers

If you are a user of an iPhone or an iPad, you need to learn all the latest news in the sphere of security and possible measures to be taken to prevent any loss of information. In addition, the US government has also released information on an increased vulnerability of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system and hackers can find access to your sensitive information.

The first company that managed to discover the vulnerability of this operating system was FireEye and it first warned users about a risk that hackers can change the original applications on your iPhine or iPad with duplicates with the help of which, they can get all the information from your device once the fake application is installed. The representatives of this security company state that hackers can trace all the activity on your iPhone or iPad and steal login credentials. That is why if a person wants to download any application for his or her device, then it makes sense to use Apple’s App Store and no one should trust any third parties that sell applications.

Besides, if you address a company that develops applications, you need to use just reliable ones that have been present in the market for years. This will not let any hackers use the information from your device and if you are used to make payments through with your device, your credit card details may be compromised as well. Users of iPhones and iPads need to wait for a while till the problem is resolved.

At the same time, the US government says that users should not install applications that are provided by pop-ups. Any person should know that if the operation system shows a warning of a suspicious activity, a person needs to deny the installation or immediately uninstall the application.

Of course, if you use your phone for making calls or taking selfies then you should not worry about this sort of warning.

iOS navigation lock screen by Janitors, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  Photo by  Janitors 

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