Public Schools in Seattle Notify on Information Loss

Public Schools in Seattle sent a notification to all parents on security breach that concerns personal information of students. Nowadays, officials are trying to remove all the information from any public sources and to prevent this personal information from appearing on any websites. Seattle Public Schools consider that protection of any private information of students is of critical importance for them and any release of this sort of information will not be accepted.

Confidential information that has become reachable is closely associated with special education students. At the moment, Public Schools in Seattle are taking all the attempts to investigate how it could happen, including asking the Department of education for any possible assistance. The information that was mistakenly released is related to 9,000 special education students. The list of names, identification numbers and examination scores became available. The news on this breach is rather disturbing as it ruins the whole process of education.

Personal information security
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That is why the schools need to pay attention to the measures taken for long-term protection of privacy. Besides, officials confirm that not a single family will suffer from this lapse and there is no excuse for such a security breach to occur. Parents must understand that the schools take this case seriously and hopefully not a single student will suffer from such a breach in the future. The schools are going to investigate each case separately and will contact parents of each student who was influenced.

Officials state that there will be a lot of changes made in relation to treatment of personal information by Seattle Public Schools. Of course, the release of such information may negatively influence each student and will impact their ability to learn. In this case, parents need to treat this case in the proper way and to protect their kids from any mental disturbances.

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