Facebook Safety Measures to Prevent Unauthorized Access

Facebook tries to provide the most secure social network today and has implemented privacy and security features last 2010 that they claimed made the website more secure and safer for users. Some of the security features of Facebook include Login Notifications, Secure Browsing through a secure connection, Most Recent Activity, and Login Approvals. Users can find these features through the Account settings from the homepage menu. Users should click on the Account Security tab and enable one or all of the security features offered by the social network.

Login Notifications was first implemented by Facebook in April 2010. It notifies users when an unknown device or computer tries to access their Facebook account. This feature is available to all users and can be enabled through Account Settings. Users can opt to receive a text message or an email whenever an unknown user tries to log into your account.

Starting January of 2011, users are able to access the social network through HTTPS protocol that uses a 128 bit encrypted connection. This is more secure than HTTP Protocol.

Account activity log allows you check the activities you while logged in. This allows you to check if there are activities that you were unaware of that utilized your account. The log shows the location and device type for the activities. While the location might not be logged in all the time, the device is always tracked by Facebook. It might indicate Chrome on Win 7, which means that the user logged into the account using Google Chrome browser on a Windows 7 computer.

Then there’s the Login Approvals option that stops unknown computers and devices from logging on your account. A security code is sent to the mobile phone and the unknown computer must enter the code to go forward. As long as the number is correct then you can access the Facebook account using another PC or device.
There are a lot of attempts to hack your account each day and you always need to be ready for them. Once it is hacked or compromised, you need immediately inform Facebook’s security team on that. If the hacker is not fast enough and the password has not been changed, you need to log in and change it for a new one which should be much more difficult to hack as well.

Strong password for Facebook

If your e-mail has not been changed, you can recover your password by making Facebook provide you with a new password.

You can use our strong password generator to create an unique password of at least 9 characters.Besides, you need to be rather careful with installing different applications. Of course, Facebook is more fun with different games installed. You need to understand that any application can have a rogue code that can control your Facebook account.

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