LG Works on Enhancing Mobile Security for Companies

Mobile companies are really concerned about security of mobile phones they produce and some of them are trying their best to provide customers with the best tools to keep their personal information confident and to prevent any security breaches. It is another way to make smartphones more competitive in the market.

That is why LG decided to compete with BlackBerry that is considered to be the leading company in developing high security solutions for enterprise use. As a result, LG presented a new smartphone with enhanced security features and the name for it is V10. The smartphone has a modern design and features front-facing cameras as well as dual displays. Along with being a sort of entertainment, it is packed with a number of security tools that would be appealing for any corporate worker.

LG managed to be the first to present such enhanced approach to saving corporate information and keeping it safe from hackers who are always looking for the ways to breach any security system. The smartphone supports Google’s native Android for Work but at the same time, provides companies with the enterprise security suite called LG Gate. With the enhanced tool, you will have a chance to use the benefits of email support, virtual private network as well as information encryption.

Anti Hack Mobile phone


You will not need to get worried about your business information any more as the smartphone provides you with all the up-to-date security tools to safeguard your business details. Moreover, there are a lot more mobile phones that come with great security tools. One of the competitors of V10 is Samsung Knox. In general, all the mentioned companies are trying to compete with smartphones produced by Apple and BlackBerry but they are not so successful and their reputation in the sphere of data security is still raw.

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