Insure Your Business from Cyber Attacks

The publicity is rather worried about the recent attack on Sony and the security of all online resources. It is not the first security breach but it seems that it will be the most expensive one. The corporate security teams need to consider different threats at the moment. And these threats may be associated with skilled hackers to cyber espionage. A lot of companies that provide their services or sell products online do not feel secure because of this increased number of cyber attacks.

Most of such companies understand that if they become a target, they will not be able to escape and they are rather vulnerable. According to the research provided by PwC, the number of security breaches and data leaks has increased by 50% and today it is estimated that about 18% of all online companies are ready for any cyber attacks.

There are other ways to protect your company and some business owners prefer hiring internet security companies that may protect your corporate network in all possible ways. Another way to protect your business is to protect it financially. According to the latest news, companies that are based in the United States are going to pay $2 billion in the form of cyber security insurance premiums.

Comparing this information with the previous year, the amount of premiums has increased by nearly 70%. The need for the financial coverage of the cyber attack consequences is increased as it is worth it. Considering the notification of customers on compromising their credit cards will cost a company about $500,000.

An owner of business will feel a peace of mind right now as an insurance company will provide the banks with a certain sun of money but that will not be able to restore the reputation of your company and confidence of customers to use your services and products.

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