Home Wireless Networks and Chances to Be Hacked

It is much easier to install wireless networks and that’s why there’s a growth in the number of home wireless networks. It allows family members to easily share files and connect to the internet. But along with the flexibility and ease, it has also introduced several security threats. Hackers drive through neighborhoods looking for unsecured wireless networks that they can exploit. They may do it for fun or just to sabotage the users. Most wireless routers have security features that allow homeowners to block hackers and other unauthorized people from the wireless network.Wifi password security

What can you do?

  • One way of blocking hackers is to use WPA or WPA2 encryption of the router. If the router doesn’t support these standards, it is best to upgrade to a newer one that can provide high level of security. If you use WEP encryption, ensure that you use a password of at least eight characters. You can generate a secure password with our free  password generator
  • You should also change the wireless router administrative user ID and password from the default ones. These are usually admin and password. Hackers know the default usernames and passwords of major routers and can easily get inside them. When the settings are harder to guess, it will make the hackers leave your router alone.
  • Make sure that you have MAC address filtering turned on. The MAC address is the actual hardware address of the network interface of a computer. By having a table of accepted AMC addresses, you will be able to limit those who want to access the network.
  • You should disable the SSID broadcast feature because hackers can easily see the name of the network. The less data you provide, the harder it is for the hacker to find an opening to the home wireless network. You can also change the name to something that is not connected with the home or your family.
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