Effects of JP Morgan Security Breach on You

JPMorgan announced that their customers’ money is safe after it has suffered from a major security breach. But according to a security expert, there are still some concerns that customers must know about.

Personal information theft can be more troublesome than losing money from the security breach, especially if credit card numbers were stolen. The largest bank in the United States announced that among those stolen during the hack attack were names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses of more than 76 million households and seven million businesses.

Customers who were affects are those who use Chase.com, Chase Mobile, JPMorgan Mobile, or JPMorganOnline. The bank said that customers must be aware of any phishing attempts as a result of the hack. The stolen data can lead to phishing through email, vishing through the phone, and smishing via text messages. JPMorgan Chase warned that it will not ask for personal data via text or email.

JPMorgan Chase stated that account numbers, passwords, user IDS, Social Security numbers, or date of birth were not leaked through the security breach. Experts warn that identity theft might result from the compromise of data. It is more difficult than credit card fraud because the victim must first know that he is one.

According to JPMorgan, bank clients don’t need to get a new card issued or renew their passwords on the said services. One thing that the security expert suggests is to monitor their credit, even if it is not necessary according to the bank. It is easy to do because there are free services that allow you to do so. The credit card or insurance company might provide this service without additional fee.

The problem with the security breach is that the money might be safe in the bank but the identity might not be. Once the identity has been compromised, one’s life is no longer safe.

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