Bracket Computing Presents Computing Cell

One of the leading companies in the market of data cloud protection is considered to be Bracket Computing. It has recently presented a new product that will protect corporate customers that are using cloud computing. This product managed to attract additional funding in the sum of $46.4 million for developing existing products and presenting them worldwide. The new product is software named Computing Cell which is supposed to be included into customer’s applications providing increased data security, management and networking.

The secret of this cell is that it can travel from one public could to another protecting the information and the system from any changes in cloud computing. Any customer will get to the digital keys and they will easily get access to their information which is supposed to be encrypted. Besides, the software can easily keep information unchanged and distribute it to multiple machines without any changes in performance and speed.

In addition to corporate version of the software, people will get access to an in-house version with the help of which they will be enabled to control the encryption as well as data integrity within the platform. Computing Cell is located as an additional layer in relation to the operating system and applied to all the information disregarding the place it resides. To protect all the information preserved, it is stored and 256 AES encrypted. Using the master keys, a customer will have a chance to decrypt the data and use it if all the security conditions are met.

A specific part of the software will be responsible for checking if the information has been changed after decryption. The same approach can be performed in relation to master images stored and the integrity of boot disks. In other words, Computing Cell will provide you with the needed security without any changes to the existing applications.

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